As you can see, there are no reviews yet. It's not a surprise becase I refused all requests to review the product until I become sure that it's perfect. There is no reason to shoot a video of something that may change in a few days.

Now I feel that it's the right time. The user interface is stable. I don't plan to add any features that will change its look and feel.

It also means that you can get a free license as well as free lifetime updates for a short video review of the product.

All you need to do is to shoot a video showcasing the product and features you enjoy the most. There are no specfic requirement at the moment. I just ask you to make it as honest and emotional as possible.

There is no need for a video lesson or a tutorial. A "video testimonial" will be the best. Please make it at least a minute long, FullHD (1920x1080). You can do it with any screen recording software of your choice. I personally prefer OBS Studio.

After it's ready, export it to an mp4 or avi file, upload to any file sharing service, then contact me. I will download your video, wrap it into a brand intro and publish at this page. You must agree to transfer me exclusive rights to use your video in product marketing.

This offer is valid for English-speaking users only, sorry. I just don't have websites in other languages yet. I need 10-15 reviews only, so please hurry up!

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