If you want to help me by translating the product to your language, please contact me. You will get free partner license and free lifetime updates with it.

Translation will take you 3-6 hours, depending on how fast you type. There are about 800 short 1-3 word strings total.

Please tell me a language name of your choice, I will send a link to translation tool. You can create a new language there and edit it. Please tell me after you finish the translation so that I can activate it for other users.

How to translate strings

You will see a table with 3 columns:
– Key (source string id, mostly equals to the English string)
– English – this string in English
– Your Language – it’s where you enter translated strings

You just type translated strings one-by-one, then go to the next field. Values you entered will be automatically saved and marked with green color. You don’t need to wait until the previous value becomes green, it will be saved in background anyway.

To test your translation, please open the program, then go to Settings->Language and select your language again – it will update the translation from the server. You should do it each time you need to see it in action.

I recommend you to start with strings whose keys start with “Menu.” – this way you will translate the top-level menu in the first place.

Rule #1: Please leave variable names like {0} {1} in their places – it’s where actual values will be placed. For example: Balance {0} means that you should translate it into Equilíbrio {0} in case of Portuguese. If you forget to place {0}, there will be no balance numbers displayed.

Rule #2: Not all strings need to be translated. For example, indice names (ASX 200 Index) or indicator names (Accelerator Oscillator) can be left without a translation.

Rule #3: Whenever you see uppercase names like SIMULATION, please translate them in uppercase, too. If you don’t follow this rule, the interface will look inconsistent.

Rule #4: Whenever you see a ‘&’ sign, like in SI&MULATION, it means keyboard shortcut. Please place & to make these shortcuts convenient and not confusing for your language speakers. Double & (&&) will be translated into a single & in the interface, please leave it as is.

You don’t need to wait until you translate all strings to test them in the program. You can do it any time you want by clicking on your language in Settings->Language menu.

To simplify string search, there is a ‘filter’ input above the table – type few letters into it to quickly find all strings with them.

If you see any strings in the product that you don’t know how to translate, please send screenshots of them to support@forexsimulator.com