Forex Simulator is a top-class product with an author who is an expert in this field.

Any problems, he solved them hands-on quickly and carefully.

Having able to back-test sufficiently, I saw great improvement in my trading skills, just because of this program! Don’t waste your time and money trading live. Use this to practice first!

If you are looking for software for forex trading simulation, forex simulator is what you are looking for.
This software is very very good for backtesting your strategy before you jump into the real forex trading.
The software is userfriendly and fast response support. Very helpfull ???

WOW, where was this programme when I started trading?

I could have saved myself from alot of heartache, confusion and certainly losing alot of money. The ForexSimulator is a MUST HAVE whether you are just starting your trading journey or if you are a veteran of the game. You’re able to develop your skills as a trader, fine-tune your methodology and most importantly, build your trading psychology and expectations so that it is inline with the reality of the markets.

Being able to speed-up market data greatly reduces the amount of screen time needed to find ones footing in the markets and the fact that the ForexSimulator and Metatrader are similar, newer and experienced traders will find using the functions of both programmes as easy to adapt to.

The support team from the ForexSimulator are really helpful, If a trader needs help with overall functionality or has a suggestion the support team are quick to respond and provide a solution. The ForexSimulator is a must have if you are serious about making it as a profitable and consistent trader.

The tutorial for beginning to use the app is easy to understand. I like that it can download history prices from more sources. I started to back-test in no time!

Great application! I am able to exponentially improve my trading with the simulator. No mire waiting for time or prices to play out, simply foward and learn from your mistakes in real-time.

The first thing you realize when trying Forex Simulator is the flexibility and the amount of options you have to adapt the simulation, charts and other tools to your needs. Once you set it up the way you want, just test your strategy as much as you want.

I really like this simulator because it is simplified version of MT4 & I wish if MT4 can be as simple as this simulator. It also a stand alone simulator without a need for your to link with MT4 like those EA (Strategy tester) attached to MT4. Its fast loading software with less technical installation setting. One of the best feature that you can pull out the chat outside the platform window, I really like that. I hope your simulator will reach more people for learning and testing purposes. But if one day you become official broker platform that will be awesome. Who knows?

Easy, fast and universal!

The product is great for manual strategy backtesting. If you try to do the same in a demo account, it will take an awful amount of time. Using Forex Simulator, you can increase the speed of backtesting almost without limits.

Even if you have no prior trading experience, you will find a great feature named “Lessons and exercises”. They are interesting and addictive, gradually advancing your from the simpliest to the most complex trading setups. Traders of any level can find something valuable there.

The complete set of built-in standard indicators and drawing tools. Any time frames, including non-standard and exotic, like ticks or seconds. Highly customizable, including custom color schemes. Detailed documentation and responsive support.

The author really listens to the users, their criticism and advice. All bug reports and feature requests were implemented in few hours, all minor details I noticed were fixed almost instantly.

I highly recommend the product. Thanks to the author!
Eugeny Shestakov

All I can say is that Forex Simulator is a high quality product, its author is an expert in this field.

I was one of the early beta-testers. When there were some problems with the product, he solved them hands-on quickly and carefully.

As for the product itself, I’m absolutely happy. The best way to learn and exercise, I like it!

The only missing feature is video tutorias. There are plenty of interesting features, I want to learn how to use all of them.
Eugeny Shamarin

I want to say “Thank you!” to Max Pastukhov for Forex Simulator. Really great product from a famous software developer. When using his products before, I was never disappointed.

Real and accurate tick data (99% quality), spreads, slippage. Speed and time are synchronized between all currency pairs which means multi-currency trading simulation without limits. Detailed trading reports with charts and export to other formats.

Trading theory is great but it’s never enough. You can’t drive a car after reading several books on driving. The same is true for trading, especially if you use higher time frames like D1. How long do you need to wait until a good setup? Without the simulator, you have no luck in polishing your trading skills, you will just lose your time and money.

I like lessons and exercises, they are great to develop gut feeling of the market in a short time.

When looking for the words that best describe the product, only “must have” came to my mind. Here you will find everything you need if you decided to become a consistently profitable trader.

What’s more important is that the product is rapidly advancing towards becoming the best product on the market. Max listens to the users and immediately implements almost all requested features, fixes bugs and pays great attention to details.

I like the product: it’s fast and visually attractive, it has plenty of interesting and important features. Non-standard timeframes is the feature I like the most. Simple and powerful product at the same time.

The author always listens to his customers. While I’m already happy with the product, I expect it to become even better in the future.

Thank you!
Ildar Sayfutdinov

I’m one of the first beta-testers of the product and I must say that it’s just perfect. I’m so sure because I participated in its development by generating ideas and helping Max to make it better.

Clean and attractive interface, fast and convenient backtesting, more than 95% of suggested features were finally added to the product, as well as other people ideas. High quality software, with great attention to the tiniest details.

I recommend it from all my heart! Thank you, Max, I wish you all the best!
Marsel Fayzullin

Really, it’s a fantastic simulator, I am practicing my trades almost every day with it. Really thanks alot. Thank you team.

Actually I just tried it only for a short period of time, but I kind of like it!
It is so easy to use and really good for me to improve my forex game.
I’d recommend anyone who wish to improve themselves to the next level try the simulator..Thumbs up!
gorgom klasik

Forex Simulator is the best simulator I have ever used. It is a user friendly program and there are many things in Forex Simulator that can be customized to suit your need.
If you are looking for a Simulator, I really recommend the Forex Simulator. You’re not gonna regret about it.
Man pomsua

Great product with real scenarios to practice your currency trades. Forex simulator will help you greatly to learn how to put your orders and to read the candle patterns. This can help polish your trading opportunities identifying real of false breakouts . Exercise are available with plenty instructions.

I love this software its a user friendly its help a lot in my forex trading in making new strategies in forex ,its great product for those new and experienced traders,we salute sir.
Abelardo Tolorio

I really liked the forex simulator and thank Max for this amazing product…Previously, I had to wait for so long to see whether my strategies work but with this I can see it in a very short time and corrects my mistakes…Moreover, I dont have to lose money if I am thinking wrong…I can simulate back and forth and also via various pairs and at various time periods…Thanks once again for this wonderful product dear Max and good luck…

Amazing simulator, very simple to use really helping me out back testing my strategies and improving, Thanks Max
Leonardo Presicci

Really a great simulation tool that every trader must have. I was looking for this awesome tool for a long time. Most of the simulators available in the market can’t make simulation with this smooth transition and with the support of multiple timeframes but with ForexSimulator everything is there. I recommend this tool to every trader.
Apu Kumar Saha

Amazing, This tool is game changer. Everything you need to improve your strategy.

The best backtesting software out there.

There is everything you need, from switching time-frames to easy to use tools. Perfect way to level up your trading.

I am really glad I found something like this. I Love it!

I love it, the fact that i can go forward and backward, i can re-do my mistakes again and again until the right way sticks in my head! Thanks to this software.

This software has changed my trading game! I spend hours just watching the charts move and learning price action and being able to get in whenever I wanted and then be able to speed through time to see if my analysis played out. Big props to the creator of this software. I’m able to consistently catch big moves in real-time because of the practice I was able to get from this software!
James McCarrier

Practical and easy
If you’re a professional or just beginning your career in forex trading, this software is a great way to learn how to trade and test your strategies.
instead of wasting hundreds of hours in forward testing in demo you can just in a small amount of time test your strategy and develop it faster than any way.
and what really make this software the best trading simulator for training and backtesting is the clean easy to use interface and accurate data and t’s highly customizable.
and the author is very honest he made a promise for the free user of this software and he did what he said and any problems is solved very fast.
so that makes this software the best software out there either for training or backtesting it beats any other software.
max alderson

I love this backtest software, it’s my favorite, it’s super light and simple to use, if forexsimulator was a cell phone, it would be the IOS of the mobile world, it is complete and intuitive, but does not show all the information at once, minimalist layout, less is more, even more for those who like minimalism, like most traders who enjoy price action.

Forex simulator, is a one fine ass software for traders who want to backtest their startegy. i believe that this software can hasten for those who trading from beginner to expert level. It has smooth interface, easy to use (noobies also can use) and has a lot of historical data that you can use.

why you should waste your money on live trading?? improve you skill first via this software then you good to go to real world. For me, this simulator really help me in trading.

It is really a great choice, it lets you to practice your strategy and trading rules, and helps you get better with the entries, very friendly support and author, highly recommend this simulator to help you with the grow in the trading!

Very good program for forex education. I was searching long time for something like this. Because you can learn whenever you want. Especially on weekends when market is closed and you just play your pair and trade on it. Thanks Max for it!

Great simulator. Easy to use and understand. Makes practicing a whole lot easier!
Thanks Max.

Wow.. Its so good and perfect product!

I think it’s crazy how all the books teaching you how to trade urge you to find an edge, form a trading plan and stick to it at all times, but don’t emphasize that the ONLY way you will stick to your plan is if you know with certainty that your strategy has a positive outcome in the long run.
The only way you will be able to be unfazed by a long string of losers is if your strategy is back-tested intensively, and it so happens that Forex Simulator is the best product on the market to do so in my opinion.
To put it in perspective, let’s say you have a 5000$ live trading account and risk 2% of your capital per trade. Buying the 100$ license to Forex Simulator has the same cost as one single losing trade on your live account. It is hard to believe that back-testing your strategy over years of data will not save you more than one losing trade, which automatically makes it a valuable purchase.

Forex Simulator is a great tool for beginners, advanced and professional traders! I really love the tick-by-tick data charting, the live market simulation (slippage, spread, etc) and the ease with which you can use multi-timeframe analysis.
It absolutely is my go-to forex testing tool.
Asen Akhabaev

It’s very useful tools backtesting for trader.
Easy to use, same as Metatrader.

Thanks Max!

Forex Simulator is an excellent tool for back testing strategies.
Simulates real trading conditions perfectly.
Very useful for improving trading skills!

The software does exactly what it was meant to. I’ve been looking for manual back-testing software for ages, and this is the cheapest and most user friendly. Ninja Trader for example has a market playback, but only for a few days. The historical data can’t be run as a market simulation like it can here.
The interface is easy to use and rearrange. The Orders window, Trade window, etc can be easily dragged and rearranged as the individual prefers, with the little orientation icons which pop up.
The simulation speed control with the mouse wheel is very intuitive. Just speed up the simulation until a pattern develops, and then slow down so as not to miss the entry point.
The data downloads are easy to use, and they show how much data the download will consume. No need to sit and guess about the size of the download. Also being able to select currency pairs and dates to download.

Have been using the back testing software for a while now and all I can comment is that it is awesome!

UI and functions are very user friendly! And data can be downloaded from various sources via the built in download option.


A good alternative to expensive Forex backtesting software. Frequent updated and good support. Nice. It would be nice, if we could add our own indicators, however, author will add the most impotent on request. Very helpfull software for trading?

Wow! This tool is so great! I improve my skill with this software at saturday while market close.
buset bali


Thankss for all me friendd simulator re the beessst!!
Luis Carlo Bolivar

I don’t get much time after work to test my strategy on demo accounts and this software is the solution to that problem. I get to test my strategy extensively over the weekend using forex simulator. This software is Godsent and I appreciate the work you hve put into it.

I’ve been looking for a forex backtester for a while and tried various solutions. The Ai is intuitive and the system works exactly like a real-time client without the pain of suffering losses! This is the best alternative to Forex Tester Pro I have found, and available at a fraction of the price. The team continually updates and adds new features according to feedback.
Christophe Nash

I’m Very Helped by this application. I can try several strategies with real experience.. Amazing Applicaton.. Thanks Forex Simulator!
Sem Sem

This is the best back testing software so far that I have ever seen!

This product is really wonderful and amazing and i like to express my attitude of gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the gentlemen Mr.Max Pastukhov for developing this kind of software . The interface is very much attractive which is very much helpful me to have a great inspiration on studying different strategies.
The other thing is we can test multiple pairs at the same time which is not available in MT4 strategy tester,which provides us huge benefits when it comes to draw down in forex trading.I have improved a lot because of this product so i recommend to everybody who are keen on learning Forex to its maximum this is the best and ever.....

This tool simple has everything in the world for you to learn faster, I haven't paid in years any simulator and I paid this one 10 days after I test it (and I had 14 days of trail) this tool is beyond amazing

To summarise, this software has been so essential for my development as a trader and most likely the primary reason I'm now profitable. It took me so long to become consistently profitable, after about a year studying live trading videos, live paper trading, testing a million different strategies, blowing a few small accounts (cringe). Being able to seamlessly test multiple strategies over long periods of time has been an absolute game-changer. Very smooth to use and I haven't experienced any crashes or bugs, unlike a few other back testers I've used. It works exactly as intended.
Thanks a million Max!! Cheers from Australia mate.

Really an amazing software, i was able to develop my forex strategy thanks to it. Thank you for such an amazing app. Hope you work to make awesome app like that to help people.
Esdras St georges

I usually do not leave feedbacks just like that, however this simulator worth it leaving a good testimonial. It is easy to use and plenty of data to work on. I would say that this one is the best forex simulator on the market.
Anatoliy Draganov

I don't really do feedbacks, but this is an exception, because I'm very happy this kind of software exists. It is extremely useful and helpful, very easy to use, just like using MT4 (I'd say even better in terms of user experience). The data is so huge that you can backtest as much as you want. You won't regret buying this software.

I really love this software an awesome simulator controls are easy nice reports and its just awesome I just finished back testing a total of 3 months right now and it was going great really love it everyone should try this at some point
Ahmed Radwan

Max is the man!
Forex Simulator is the tool!
Forex is the game!
I can't express the excitement I felt the first time I launched the Forex simulator. I knew from that moment that my trading skill will be better than what it used to be. I am so in love with this tool!

This software is DAMN excellent.

This is a great job! I improved my trading much! I'm so glad that I found this program on the Internet! I wish all the best for the developers and success for their job!

Great product and amazing solution for the weekends to test new strategies !!!

Im so keeping this app for ever..... ill be using it everytime i want to test anything new. its awesome and straightforward..... ill recommend it to everyone...

Before I spend my money on something, I always make sure that the the price is worth the value, feedback is good, product/services suits my needs. This software at an early stage has it all. I know there are still some little things I need, such as ease of setting risk dollar amount. I might still need a feature where you can merge testing data so that you can focus more on one pair per simulation but at the same time allows you to merge all your testing sessions so that you can test the drawdown, roi etc. But there are A LOT of features this software has compare to other more expensive testing softwares, such as allowing you to switch time frames during simulation, ease of navigation, great support too, etc. ( you gotta try it out to know more :D )

I really hope that the people behind this software will continue doing their best to develop this further, looking forward to ride the journey.

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