What is backtesting? What are its benefits? When may it be dangerous? How to properly use it and what mistakes you should avoid?

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What are the hardware and software requirements? How to download and install the product? How to update it? What should you take into account when downloading and installing the product?

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Interface Customization

How to switch between day and night modes? How to change chart colors? How to arrange windows? How to modify hot keys and mouse settings?

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Simulation Mode

Simulation mode is like a video recording of your trading session. Everything you do goes into simulation files, then you can replay them using the replay mode.

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How to create and manage orders? How to add Stop Loss and Take Profit orders? How to speed up trading and make it more convenient?

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Indicator Development

How to develop custom indicators? What programming language and development environment to use? How to convert indicators from other languages? How to use these indicators in other systems?

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Drawing Tools

What drawing tools are available? How to use them? How to undo/redo changes? How to get more drawing tools?

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What settings are available and what do they mean? Where are they stored? How to save, delete, move or restore them?

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