I'm Max Pastukhov - the developer of Forex Simulator. You can reach me 12-14 hours a day on average.

Please send all confidential support requests to support@forexsimulator.com

If it’s something urgent, it’s better to ping me via Telegram @maxpast or Skype maxpastukhov (chat only). Please don't make voice calls before arranging them in advance via chat or e-mail.

If you have found a bug or have got an idea, please post it at the support forum. This way it will be easier to reference and discuss it in the future. You will also get automated notifications on its status.

You can also follow the news if you want to be notified about product development progress. Please join my Telegram channel or Twitter account.

I'm always open to chit-chat on trading, Ray Dalio, Daniel Kahneman and decision making in general. You are welcome to discuss any trading and decision making ideas at the forum.

Max Pastukhov: Developer, CEO, CMO and all other roles in the company :)

Software developer with 20+ years of experience in satellite technologies, SCADA, embedded hardware, marketing and trading tools. Develops and sells software products since 2004.

Support Forum

Please visit our forum to get support from the community and the author, report bugs and share your ideas on how to make Forex Simulator better.

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