Forex Simulator comes with a complete set of standard indicators. You can also automatically convert MT4 MQL indicators and develop custom indicators.

There is no need to list all indicators here. If you have some trading experience, you already understand their meaning. If you need more information, just google indicator names - you will find much more information and samples than I can ever create.

Let's see how you can add, set up and delete indicators.

Click "Indicators" button above a chart. You will see their list, organized by categories. At the top there are 8 last used indicators so you can easily access your favorite ones.

Click on any of them. You will see indicator properties window. Change them in a way you like then hit OK. They have good enough default settings, so you can just accept them.

The indicator will be added to the chart.

To edit indicator settings, hover the mouse over it until it's become lighter, then click the right mouse button.

Click on Indicator Properties to modify its settings.

By clicking Delete Indicator you can remove it from the chart. If you want to delete all indicators you added in bulk, click "Delete All" in the indicators menu.

If an indicator is in a separate window, there are individual settings for the indicator and its window. If you right-click on the highlighted indicator, you will see a context menu of the indicator. But, if you click in its window somewhere outside, you will see a context menu of the window.

Here you can fix minimum and maximum values, add levels or alter level styles.

Some of indicators have default values which you can edit in global application settings.

If you need more indicators, just contact me. If it's popular and interesting, I will add it for free in 24 hours. If not, you can look for a developer who will code it for you. It's not that hard because C# is a highly popular and effective software development language.

The list of software developers willing to do this work for you will be available at custom indicator development page pretty soon. If you are the one who wants to earn money this way, just contact me, I will add your contacts there for free.